Ruby+ Blob Thesis

Master of Arts

My Master of Arts thesis, titled Ruby+ Blob: Crafting an app for teaching kids computational thinking, examines the field of computational thinking as inspiration for the development of our Ruby+ Blob app at Hello Ruby. The production-based thesis is argumented and constructed into three parts: understanding computational thinking, existing implementations and building Ruby+ Blob.

My approach was to review the history, terms and definitions, principles and critical debate of the field of computational thinking. I then looked at how these aspects are represented in implementations today across a variety of media, such as unplugged activities, physical toys and mobile apps. Informed by insights learned, I document the production process of the app.

I presented my Master of Arts thesis at Aalto University in November 2018 and graduated in December. I received a full 5/5 grade for the thesis.

Status: Completed, printed and submitted in October 2018

Tools: InDesign

Role: All

Links: Aaltodoc