WOPI Lessons

Learning portal

Having completed a full rebranding and website for WOPI earlier, I was asked to design a separate learning portal, called WOPI Lessons to sit within the website. The portal consists of articles about human resource development, leadership and working culture. The work included designing diagrams and a cover illustration for each article as well as developing the WOPI Lessons page structure.

The articles are designed to be easily consumed and shared as individual stories. The cover illustrations are based on the earlier illustration work carried out for the company brand and each reflect the related topic and theme. A home page acts as the root of the portal listing out all of the available articles.

The portal was built on top of the existing site and the website's content management features were extended to it.

Status: Launched in March 2017

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL

Role: All

Links: Website